The history of Handsworth Charity

St Mary's Church Handsworth

In the  Ancient Parish of Handsworth 19th century, and before, many people left money to the Church for the relief of poverty.

This money was invested and the income from it used to help local needy people. It was administered by a number of small Charities in the Ancient Parish – an area that now covers Handsworth, Kingstanding and parts of Lozells and Ladywood. The Charity is a Residuary Charity administering previous donations.

In the 20th century the City of Birmingham, as successor to the old Borough of Handsworth, took on the task of making appointments to a newly amalgamated body of Trustees.

St Mary’s Church, Handsworth – which was the centre of the Ancient Parish – also sends its Rector and Churchwardens to be Trustees.

Over time the separate Charities have been merged into one. In 2006 the remaining separate Charity – the William Stephenson – was merged with all the others to form the Handsworth Charity that we have now.

Today’s Trustees, like their predecessors, can only spend each year the income from the investments. The principal is protected for future generations of eligible people who may be in need.

The Charity exists to provide small grants for people who live in the Ancient Parish of Handsworth to alleviate short-term difficulties Handsworth Charity is a small trust and is run by a small secretariat consisting of a part-time Clerk to Trustees.

The Trustees: the Rector and two Church Wardens are ex-officio Trustees; two are appointed by Birmingham City Council, and the remainder are co-optative Trustees appointed by the other Trustees.
Currently the Trustees are:
Keith Hemmings – Chairman
Diane Duggan
Bernard Parry
Fr Robert Stephen
Doreen Hemmings
Kim Brom
Rosemarie Seadon
Vincent Daniel
Cllr Sybil Spence
Cllr Yvonne Mosquito
Kamlesh Rani
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